Brand New Superbia Cheat Codes April – May 2015

Check out the free codes. Watch the video to get codes and like the video for secret codes. Comment codes too!


Check below!



Free Superbia codes below. Check the comments for share codes. Superbia have a whole load of secret codes, here are the new superbia codes that mostly work!

On this page I will be posting NEW FREE Superbia Cheat Codes! If you have a New Cheat Code please leave a comment.

Add me on Superbia, my share code is 998Duck126. I give gifts for free!

Here is the newest Superbia Cheat Codes for 2015 and 2016. They are disney superbia cheat codes, hopefully they are not expired. This is the best Disney. Superbia cheat code site.  These are the newest codes!

Here is the newest code/s:



You get an awesome prize!


Do the quests and get an awesome gift!

Please leave a comment. Especially if you have a new code. My Superbia Share code is 998Duck126. Take a look at the video below! Always come back to this website and you will get lots of cheat codes and you will have the best Superbia ever! Also look at the video below.

Check out this video:

Make sure to watch this too!

Take a look:

If you watch the videos below then I will post the newest codes! :)


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  4. the new code is ‘castle’ well you are welcome

  5. CURTAINS doesn’t even exist

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  18. karaoke lol its a let it shine code!my share code is 124ash270!

  19. kangroo and karoke keep checking disney channel web page for more

  20. You can have ny cab with cheat:nycab


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  24. One cheat code is curtains is brave curtain!

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  35. Sticker is a cheat code and teddy

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  37. How do you get the shake it up one?

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  59. loads of these dont even exist but thanks to the people that left existing ones

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    Hello, My Share Code Is 634Beechnut765.
    Here are some codes. (Some might be expired)
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    shake it up karaoke machine = karaoke
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    brave curtains = curtains
    brave stone wallpaper = castle
    My friend code = 015Beach454
    ps try PJDUN

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  66. I Know Some Cheat Codes Here They Are : 1.Curtains 2. Rbox 3.Kanga 4.Aztec 5.Castle 6.3Subs 7.Sstip 8.Pjdun 9.Dryan 10.Karaoke 11.Wizwd !! That Is All I Know Please Add Me My Share Code Is 512Brown642 Thanks Bye !!

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  148. How do u get the Shake It Up dance machine?


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    2) GROOVE
    4) EARS
    5) KARAOKE

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  189. Enter BED. Add me 355Moose642

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    1pizza 2rbox 3castle 4kanga 5nycab 6cody 7teddy 8sticker 9gold 10curtains 11bow 12woof 13wacky 14bed
    Thnx I do dis on my tablet:p

  209. bed – austin and ally bed
    woof – dog with a blog dogs kennel
    groove- shake it up cd player
    gold- 150000

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  226. Hi. I’m Ria and I have a bunch of new superbia cheat codes they are:
    BOW (Minnie and You Bow)
    BED (Austin & Ally Bed)
    CURTAINS (Brave Curtains)
    GOLD (Not Sure)
    KARAOKE (Let It Shine Karaoke Machine)
    PIZZA (Something from Shake It Up [I Think]
    WOOF (Ravi’s Toy Dog)

    Thank for your time!
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    OMG thx for the codes

  328. hi everyone all the cheat codes worked for me but the code CHOCOLATE did not work.
    my share code is: 948Cloud604 add me plz.

  329. 690spring760

  330. Thanks a lot. really helped because i was new and didn’t have anything good!

  331. my share code is 321unicorn605

  332. 321Unicorn605 add me

  333. some of them didnt work but i think its good that people try to make friends by doing that though so good try to the ones that didnt work for me maybe next tie yeah :)

  334. plz add me i will send you gifts everyday my share code is 053Green832

  335. a cheat code is music

  336. they all work for me but not for my brother . keep trying . i had to try 3 times

  337. here’s some…

  338. MAX and ELLA are cheat codes. you probably know that by now.

  339. I am new. I am currently registering.

  340. my name on suburbia is 895lava895

  341. Emma Mcartnuioy

    amazing ! thanks

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