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Club Penguin Loses Bafta Kids Vote!

I recently took part in the Bafta kids choice awards 2012. It’s got many different choices and only kids can vote. Unfortunately for Disney, Club Penguin lost, but guess who they lost to!

As you can see the film winner was The Smurfs. Runner ups were Johnny English Reborn and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. Disney didn’t win the movie choice.

TV Winner was good for Disney because Good Luck Charlie won and Jessie and Tracy Beaker Returns were runner ups.

The Games Award goes to Temple Run. Runner ups were Just Dance 3 and Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo.

Finally, website winner was Binweevils! They beat Club Penguin as well as the rest of websites. The runner ups were Moshi Monsters and CBBC. They also beat Club Penguin! This shows that the other kids just like Binweevils and Moshi Monsters more than Club Penguin. That’s a shame for Disney.

This was certainly unexpected. What do you think of this disaster for Club Penguin? let me know by leaving a comment.

Herbert Style!

The Club Penguin channel has just lately posted a new video! It is a parody of Gangnam Style. It’s called Herbert Style. Take a look.

I really like Gangnam Style so this is quite cool. What do you think of this? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Club Penguin Operation Blackout Last Part Early!

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I recently went into the secret room and did the key quest. After I finished, Club Penguin was looking better!

I then went to this room and went to the door.

Normally, when you go into there, you will get a message saying come back on the 24th. However, I didn’t.

I ended up back in this following room.

As you can see, the picture above is the “Secret Room”! When you get there, you should click the red computer and do the quest. After you finish, you should see a video showing Aunt Arctic is the Director and Club Penguin should change a bit better. You may not currently get the item, but soon, you should be able to!

What do you think of this? Let me know by leaving a comment!

If you also want to see how to access the room a different secret way, CLICK HERE!

Club Penguin Back to Normal

I recently just did the key quest again in the secret room. After this Club Penguin is back to normal.

The Director is Aunt Arctic! (The Director Revealed!)

When I was playing Club Penguin, I went to a secret room. I was playing about and did another quest that has not yet been able to play. When I finished it, a video came up. I couldn’t record the video, but here is some pictures.

It shows the Director! She has a bit of a pink hat.

And wait… It’s Aunt Arctic! Aunt Arctic is the Director.

Well there you go! Aunt Arctic is the Director! This is epic. What do you think of this? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Operation Blackout: Part 5!

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This is Omarhopper’s tutorial of how to do Opearation Blackout Part 5 before it comes out!

1. Login and go to the following room.

2. Then click the arrow and just before you enter the other room click away towards the red computer.

3. This may not work the first time, so keep retrying until you get to the following room.

4. Once you have finally reached this room, click on the terminal lock button.

5. Then you should get this note, click “Yes”.

6. Then complete the mission by moving the key to the green space.

7. Now that you have completed it, you should get this message.

8. You now should also get the next item. Then you should be able to go through the vent!

9. When you go through the vent, everything should open up! Another secret doorway should also open!

10. You may not currently go into the new entrance. You must wait until September 24th.

Now you have completed Operation Blackout Part 5 EARLY. What do you think of this? Let me know by leaving a comment. Remember, you are always free to go back in whenever you wish!



Captured Mascots!

The DIrector has been captured by Herbert! So is Gary, Dot, Rookie and Jetpack Guy!  Take a look:

As you can see, there is an empty space! As seen in the news, is “Ask Aunt Arctic”. When you hover your cursor over her glasses, they turn to secret agent glasses! She has not yet been captured. Could she be next or could she be the Director? What do you think of this? Let me know by leaving a comment.

How to access secret room in 10 steps!

I have recently found out how to access the secret room!

  1. Go to the place shown below

2. Click the arrow.

3. You will now be in the other room. Go towards the exit.

4. Just before you exit the room, click downwards, near the letters.

5. Now you should end up in the secret room!

6. Now click towards the red screen.

7. Click “Yes”.

8. Complete the challenge.

9. When you complete it, you should get this message.

10. Everything should go black but nothing should happen so you should just click the “X”.

You may not get the item yet.

Now you have completed the challenge!

I hope you enjoy Operation Blackout! What do you think about this? Let me know with a comment.

Now go here. Or… CLICK HERE!

Operation Blackout: Part 4!

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I found another secret room and it’s Part 4! This should come out on November 20th but I managed to do it now!

This is how:

Go to the secret room (you may find how in my other posts).Then click the lock in the terminal.

You may not get the item yet until 20th November!

Good luck agents!